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Communicating effectively means understanding your audience. Has your messaging changed with your audience throughout the pandemic?

Two 2.5-hour online sessions

Understand the changing profile of your audience

Identify the best platforms to find target customers


Consider the content and context of your messaging

Improve your engagement and increase sales



Traditional audience split and marketing generations
We’ll take an in-depth look at generations from Baby Boomers and Gen X, through Millennials and Generation Z. What unites them, divides them, motivates them and turns them away. Where can you find them and start to engage?

Audience trends for 2021
What are the trends for 2021? Social responsibility, local and ethical sourcing, sustainability, carbon reduction, fairtrade, conscious consumerism and more. 

Profiling the audience
We will take you through a practical exercise of creating a buyer persona, using methodology that you will be able to take away and use within your own business. By creating your ideal audience member, you can create your marketing for that one ‘person’ but appeal to many. .

Covid-19 impact to consumer behaviour 
With lockdown, along with a massive increase in online shopping and home delivery has come a rise in virtual communities, support for local businesses, an increased emphasis on purpose and recognition of key and essential workers.

Understanding your audience clusters 
Once you have understood how to profile your audience through identification of target markets and buyer personas, we will explain how to segment your audience into clusters and how to create contextualised content to engage with them.

User journey
Now you have your clusters and personas, we will show you how to create a contextualised communications plan, that will guide you through the process of creating the right messaging, using the right media and at the right time.

In business, nothing stays the same forever, and when it comes to audiences and the way in which they communicate and behave, that is certainly the case. 

Pre-Covid, changes were gradually taking place, but Covid has caused the world to change rapidly and almost beyond recognition. Millennials and Gen Z are taking over, digital and social media dominate. Are you ready to connect and trade in this new landscape?

Do you understand the traits that cluster audiences together or divide them? Are you clear about how these new audiences differ? Do you know where to find them, what motivates them, how to reach them and most importantly, to encourage them to engage with you and your business? 

If not, this is the workshop for you.



Two 2.5-hour online sessions


Communicating effectively means understanding your audience. Has your messaging changed with your audience throughout the pandemic?


This includes:



5 hours training

Course materials and slides

Ask our experts

Business founders/owners
Have you recently started your business and now you’re looking to take that next step that will move you from start-up to scale-up? Of course you understand what your business is all about, but perhaps marketing is a bit of a dark art to you? Or maybe you have got so far on your own and now you’re looking for some external support? You’re not alone.

Many entrepreneurs never really think about audience segments, they simply communicate with everyone in the same way, until they realise the opportunities they are missing.

Senior managers
Anyone who has trained in marketing will know about the Law of Diminishing Returns - you keep doing the same things that have always worked for you and they slowly but surely become less and less effective. Do you have that feeling? Is the “same old” not working any more? Perhaps your industry and your customers are changing but you’ve been too close to the business to notice. This opportunity to stand back and look at how things have changed could be just what you need.

We have entered a new era in which consumers have greater access to information and suppliers than ever before. Coupled with that they are buying with a higher degree of consciousness too, so why would they choose to buy from you above anyone else?

Audience understanding, contextualised content marketing and utilisation of automation give you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. This workshop will show you how to do that.

It was simply excellent and I now have lots to do to put all your wise advice into practice!

Rebecca Ivy Rose Lewis-Knight, Interior designer

"Brand means finding the heart of your business and making it beat faster. Brand means celebrating what makes you better than the rest. Brand means your personal brand as well as your company brand. If you want to grow and be more successful, #BRANDMEANSBUSINESS 

- Vida Barr-Jones
CEO, Focus7

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Another fantastic day with Focus7.  I have gained so much valuable insight into current consumer trends, now to digest and act upon this shared wisdom. #grateful

Gillian Jones, Founder of Gillian Jones Designs

The Evolving Customer Personas Business Masterclass was excellent. The tips and tactics are invaluable for all businesses, no matter the industry.

Just a great course, so helpful and insightful. Really gave me a lot to think about in a really encouraging way, thank you.